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Toenail fungus Treatments

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Before and after picture of toe nail fungus.Cracked, brittle and discolored toenails are more than just an embarrassing problem. These are signs of onychomycosis, which is a fungal infection of the nails. Nail fungus is a common disorder. It’s estimated that about 10 percent of the American population deals with this unsightly problem, and the odds are greater if you’re over 60. About half of people aged 70 or older have some form of onychomycosis. Fungal infections can be hard to beat, especially with traditional methods like topical creams and oral antifungal medication. At Hormone Health and Weightloss, we offer a newer way to fight fungal infections: Nd:YAG Laser Onychomycosis Treatment.

What is the Nd:YAG Laser?

The Nd:YAG Laser Onychomycosis Treatment is a method for getting rid of toenail fungus using light and heat. Laser treatments depend on pulsating heat to kill infections. Specially designed for the removal of onychomycosis, the Nd:YAG Laser is applied to damaged nails in four brief sessions that last about 15 minutes each.

First, the nail gets filed down to remove excess and to ensure maximum penetration. After the nail is prepped, the laser moves across the whole nail in a wide, circular pattern, including the outer edges and any area of skin that might be affected by fungal infection. Once the treatment is completed, your nails have a chance to regrow into their natural, infection-free state. Results aren’t fast because nails need to regrow, but you may see stronger, healthier nails in just 12 months.

Who benefits from laser treatments?

While toenail fungus is a common problem that many different people deal with, there are certain types of people who are more susceptible to infections. Men get onychomycosis more often than women as do people with compromised immune systems, diabetes, vascular problems and other medical conditions. There’s also a genetic component. If your family members tend to get infections, then you’re also more likely to suffer from the same condition.

For many sufferers, onychomycosis is largely cosmetic. But fungal infections can be painful, and they may start to interfere with everyday activities. There’s no need to hide those toes. Hormone Health and Weightloss offers this revolutionary procedure because we believe that treatments for toenail fungus don’t have to be inconvenient, time-consuming or dangerous.

How is a laser better than other treatment types?

Laser treatments are still relatively new within the field of fungal infections. Traditional methods include topical products and oral antifungal medicines, both of which have low long-term success rates and significant side effects. While laser treatment has not been studied long-term due to its recent use in onychomycosis, it does offer several advantages over conventional options:

  • It’s quick, easy to perform and virtually painless.
  • As a non-invasive treatment, the laser won’t leave scars.
  • There are no chemicals or medications involved.
  • It stimulates natural growth and the body’s natural immune processes.

At Hormone Health and Weightloss, we can design a treatment plan based on your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how Nd:YAG Laser Onychomycosis Treatment might help.



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