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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Weightloss Providers

Our Range of Services

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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Get improved sleep quality, sex drive and muscle tone with your own customized program based on your individual needs.

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PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is an advanced treatment that physicians are using to repair damaged or injured tissues in your body.

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Sexual Wellness

Did you know up to 30 percent of men and 40 percent of women experience some type of sexual dysfunction in their lives?

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Non-invasive Laser Lipo

Non-invasive body contouring, cellulite reduction and a slimmer, tighter shape – all with NO pain, NO needles and NO down time.

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Weight Loss

We offer the best individualized process in therapy and treatment for reduced body fat and increased muscle tone. Schedule your consultation today.

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Laser Services

Innovative laser solutions are available for a wide range of aesthetic treatments to keep your skin sexy and smooth.

Hormone Replacement For Men

Over the years men’s testosterone levels or Low T begin to diminish. With this comes various symptoms that can become problematic. Now, you have options with Hormone Replacement Therapy. With customized hormone replacement plans, we can help strengthen your muscles,  reduce unwanted fat, and help you regain your sex drive. This is not something to be ashamed of. It’s happening to nearly everyone with aging. Regain the confidence to live your life to the fullest again. Learn more about customizing your testosterone replacement plans today.

Hormone Replacement For Women

Women going through hormone changes later in life can be difficult. With multiple hormones taking effect in a woman’s body the effects hormone deficiency can be almost intolerable. With our hormone replacement therapy treatments we help stabilize the levels of hormones in your body to bring you back to a time you can enjoy again. Hormone deficiency affects almost all women. So you are not alone. With our treatment plans, we customize your hormone levels to the levels that you feel the best. Our treatment plans are never one-size-fits-all.

—– What Our Clients Are Saying About Us —–

  • *”This treatment has been wonderful for my mood swings and weight loss.”

  • * Once again I am sleeping through the night and no longer dealing with hot flashes. Best of all, I am now able to keep my weight under control. Your infrared sauna has been an additional solution to healthy changes in my body mass.

    Virginia Beach, VA
  • * My moods have stabilized – Way less mood swings. My skin is not dry anymore. I have more energy. I feel younger. My libido has returned. My sexual performance has improved drastically. The doctor and staff are awesome! I don’t have to worry about daily application of gel. Quarterly pellet inserts are way more convenient!

  • *”Made a huge difference. No longer experiencing hot flashes or night sweats! Thank you Hormone Health!”

    D.B., Littleton, CO
  • * My marriage has been revived and I am a renewed man. Following years of decreased stamina and low libido, my sex drive has been enhanced to the level that it was in my prime.

  • * I came back to Hormone Health because after my surgery I had no energy or sex life. I am now regaining my energy and the sex life is coming back. My skin is looking better and I am feeling better about myself!

  • *”This treatment has been wonderful for my mood swings and weight loss.”

    Dorene Lucero, Lakewood, CO
  • * When I came to Hormone Health and ReGenerative Therapy I was always tired and could not seem to control my weight no matter how much exercise I did. After getting my hormones up to a better level, I have a lot more energy, I can control my weight better, and just have an overall better well being of feeling back to myself again.

  • * “Stable mood, no hot flashes, increased sex-drive, stable weight, increased energy.”

    Judy Anderson, Centennial, CO
  • * Great experience!!! It has literally changed my life. I went from a depress, exhausted, non-sleeping, not interested in my poor husband to a happy, vibrant, sleeping well with no hot flashes woman. no need for antidepressant pills anymore and the love life is 200% better!!! Love my life now!

    Jacksonville, FL

“Results may vary from person to person”

—– Finance —–

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