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Testosterone Replacement for Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone Replacement for ED


Around age 30, testosterone production begins to decreases for men, which can impact how you feel on a daily basis. It’s natural to experience a variety of mental and physical symptoms as you get older, but in some cases, men can go through what’s called andropause, a male version of menopause, with symptoms ranging from moderately inconvenient to debilitating. If you’ve been increasingly tired, unfocused and not as sexually aroused as you once were, then erectile dysfunction could be a sign of Low Testosterone. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy can help.

The Impact of Erectile Dysfunction

Most men experience some form of erectile dysfunction as they age. ED is characterized by having trouble achieving and maintaining an erection. Most sufferers are over the age of 75, but ED can occur in younger men. Common causes include side effects from certain medications; cancer treatments; other medical problems, such as obesity, alcoholism or chronic illnesses; and even stress. Low testosterone production doesn’t lead to erectile dysfunction on its own, but combined with other factors, not getting enough of the right hormone can make your symptoms worse. Erectile dysfunction can affect men differently. Commonly reported symptoms include:

• Less body hair
• More body fat with reduced muscle mass
• Fluctuating cholesterol levels
• Osteoporosis
• Mild anemia

Low testosterone also produces a wide range of symptoms, from depression to loss of sexual appetite. As you age, the testicles produce less of this essential hormone. In women, the ovaries start to produce less estrogen, which results in similar symptoms ranging from mental fog to weight gain and mood swings. Without the right balance of hormones, your body experiences a decrease in hormonal “messages” and starts to get mixed signals. What once required only moderate effort – like lifting weights or sharing an intimate evening with your spouse – now requires strenuous effort. if it happens at all. Know that you’re not alone. Low T and erectile dysfunction affect millions of men, and millions of men have used bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to take back their lives.

A Natural Solution to a Natural Problem

Erectile dysfunction may be a naturally occurring condition as you age, but you don’t have to accept the effects as a way of life. Hormone pellet therapy offers arguably the most effective way to regain your stamina and get back to living. Unlike other treatment options like injections pills and patches, pellet therapy works by releasing a slow and steady dose of hormones into your body, effectively mimicking the role of the testicles. Placed under the skin, pellets are easy and near painless to introduce There are other benefits to pellet hormone therapy, including:

• Quick, convenient treatments with little to no downtime
• dose of hormones that’s calculated to your individual needs
• Sustained release over a period of three to five months

Other treatments for erectile dysfunction and low T include pills, injections, patches, or creams. These treatments can cause a “roller coaster” effect of rapid rises and precipitous drops that can create mood swings. Because these treatments don’t release slow, steady levels of hormones, you’ll experience ups and downs as your doctor works to adjust the dosage. Pellet therapy is different. Made from testosterone and bioidentical plant-based compounds, pellets are tailored to meet your body’s needs, taking over the role of the testicles naturally. Men who choose natural hormone replacement tend to experience:

• Mental clarity and an improved outlook on life
• Physical improvements, including the return of libido and muscle gain

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy might work for you, but it’s important to start the discussion with your doctor first to rule out any underlying medical problems that might be contributing to erectile dysfunction. Because ED isn’t typically caused by low testosterone, you may need other treatment first.

If you’re ready to see how pellet therapy might help you enjoy your sex life again, along with all of the other benefits that hormone replacement treatments offer, then get the conversation started today. Getting older isn’t optional, but how you spend these years is. Let us show you how pellet therapy can help.

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