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BHRT Pellet Therapy

Bio-identical hormones are very different from the synthetic counterparts and sometimes have opposite cellular effects. Bio-identical hormone pellets are compounded using hormones from FDA approved sources, blended with certain plant substances that create a molecular structure that is “bio -identical” to what our bodies produce naturally.   Synthetic hormones are quite different and are not molecularly identical to what our bodies produce naturally.  Some commonly prescribed synthetic hormones are Premarin and Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate).  Premarin is used to replace estrogen and is derived largely from the urine of pregnant mares (horses). Hence....Premarin: a contraction of Pregnant Mares Urine (PRE-MAR-IN).  The biology of [...]

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What is BHRT?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy addresses treatment options to alleviate the symptoms caused by imbalanced hormones or a natural drop in hormone production due to aging. Treatments are often called “bioidentical” or sometimes “natural” because the types of hormones used are biologically identical on a molecular level to those produced in the body. Some of the hormones that BHRT works to balance include those associated with youth and fertility, such as estrogen, progesterone, and sometimes testosterone. The years prior to menopause, women typically produce less of these hormones. This can lead to symptoms of vaginal dryness, tiredness, hot flashes and night sweats just to name [...]

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There’s No Such Thing as Over-Reacting When It Comes to Your Health – Know When to Get a Second Opinion

I am a healthy 42 year old woman. I had one child when I was young. I am not overweight, I have no underlying health issues and take no medication. I only go the doctor once per year for my annual checkup and of course my mammogram. I did everything I was supposed to do. So why out of the clear blue did I start skipping some of my periods, having horrible night sweats, and suddenly gain 8 pounds over the past 9 months? I worked in a BHRT clinic for a couple of years in my early 30’s so I [...]

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Menopause: How it Impacts You and Your Hormones – BHRT Can Help You!

Declining hormones due to menopause or peri-menopause are responsible for a host of symptoms and life changing issues. The result is like a chain reaction starting with night sweats, weight gain and lack of sleep to dulled libido and depression. When you begin to experience symptoms of low and/or imbalanced hormones it can feel like you are spinning out of control rather quickly. It is easy to become agitated and unmotivated to fight the fight. There are options to address this transition in your life. The first thing to do is become educated. Education does not mean to take everything for [...]

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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women Dealing with Menopause

The symptoms of menopause are a direct response to declining hormones, specifically estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This can occur naturally or it can occur surgically via oophorectomy (ovary removal). The decrease in hormone levels will likely bring on symptoms like night sweats, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, irritability and hot flashes. Many women notice an increase in vaginal dryness causing painful intercourse as well as dry skin as hormone levels decline. Some cognitive symptoms caused by the onset of menopause are poor memory and difficulty concentrating. Some women describe their minds as “fuzzy” like there are cobwebs affecting their ability [...]

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Hormone Therapy?

Hormone Therapy   Hormone replacement might make you think of over-sized athletes and sweaty team jerseys. The stigma of hormone therapy or rather, hormone abuse, tends to often circle back to testosterone. Much of what we hear about in the media are the highly exaggerated extreme cases; we all know this, but we still listen as if it were the gospel truth. The bottom line is that the answer to so many deadly ailments do not lie in the drugs that treat the condition, but rather in educating people to prevent the ailment altogether. Unfortunately, this is not information that the [...]

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BHRT for women-The Basics

BHRT for Women-The Basics One thing is inevitable, we are all aging. We all age at the exact same pace, and there is no stopping it. As a woman continues to age, she will likely start having symptoms of hormonal imbalances indicative of menopause. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are the reproductive hormones that when imbalanced can cause a plethora of symptoms. A hormonal imbalance is ultimately when your hormones are not where they should be, meaning your body could be producing not enough of a hormone or even too much of one. These imbalances can cause someone to notice fatigue, loss [...]

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4 Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Health Benefits of Pet Ownership   If you have a furry family member – or one with scales or feathers – then you might already suspect that your four-legged charge offers a bevy of emotional benefits. Research backs up your hunch. In fact, there are a wide number of benefits to keeping a family pet from both a physical and emotional standpoint. Whether you have a pet right now or you're looking to bring home a new addition, here are four good reasons to visit your local shelter and adopt a pet today. #1 – Fewer Runny Noses You might have [...]

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Drink to Your Health: Better Beverage Alternatives to Soda

Beverage Alternatives to Soda   Sunny days might make you reach for a frosty soda, but before you grab another soft drink from the cooler, think about the nutritional impact of your favorite sugary beverage. Sodas are packed with sugar, and while your body needs some amount of sugar for energy, a single can of regular cola contains nearly an entire day's worth of the recommended daily allotment. Instead of sipping on soft drinks to quench your thirst, try these healthier alternatives while you lounge at the pool this summer. Natural Teas Unsweetened iced teas, both black and green varieties, can [...]

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Building Stronger Bones as You Age

Building Stronger Bones as You Age   Starting at age 50, men and women start to lose bone density at a rate of around 0.5 percent each year. For women, the loss is more noticeable since women tend to have thinner and smaller bones than men. Despite what you might think, however, osteoporosis, which is a condition marked by brittle and fragile bones, isn't a natural part of the aging process. In other words, it's preventable. A proactive approach to bone health can keep you healthy into middle age and beyond. Getting the Right Nutrients It's not just marketing hype: Milk [...]

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