I Can’t Be Peri-Menopausal, Right?

My periods had always been clockwork, no fertility problems, and no history of female issues. So you can imagine my surprise when like a light switch, peri-menopause greeted me suddenly at the ripe old age of 41. I didn't know it was peri-menopause at first; that was the last thing on my mind. I thought that maybe it was something even worse, pregnancy. My period was irregular and had been for a couple of months, but it always came around. I got hot suddenly with no warning and not in a sexy way. My libido was dead, and my body didn't [...]

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Restore Your Quality of Life

Aging poses changes for men and women. Imbalanced hormones can significantly affect your quality of life. It is common to assume that these symptoms are just the expected signs of aging and that nothing can be done to address it. The good news is, there are options.    When estrogen and progesterone levels become deficient, menopause or perimenopause begins, marking the end of childbearing.  For women, menopause can begin as early as their 40s and can affect all facets of life. The most notable symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, night sweats, and low sex drive, to name a few. However, [...]

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Who Decides what is Normal when it Comes to Hormones?

As Sophia on 'The Golden Girls' would preface her famous stories, picture it, you are at your PCP office for your yearly physical. Your doctor asks you how you are doing. Instead of saying the inevitable, "fine," you decide to disclose the truth. You feel awful, and something seems off. You have found yourself snapping at your spouse and coworkers over nothing. One moment you think life is sustainable the next moment you feel like the walls are caving in and nothing is going right. You get hot for no reason, and you have gained weight that you can't blame on [...]

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BHRT for Men Dealing With Hormonal Imbalance

BHRT For Men Dealing With Hormonal Imbalance    My wife starting going through ‘the change’ two years ago. Needless to say, it changed our lives. We had always had a very close relationship and fought rarely. We were always considered to be ‘that couple’ that other people wanted to mirror. We are married for over 30 years, two kids, a house with a fence. We are pretty simple people. We mind our own business and just live our lives as best we can. We are both hard workers and really enjoy our vacation each year. Our vacation is something that we [...]

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Our Hormones and Immune System

As we grow older, our immune system does not work as diligently as it did when we were younger. There have been numerous studies on sex hormones and immune system function. Many factors affect how the immune system functions. Females are more likely to become victims of autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, and other thyroid disorders. There has been a significant rise in autoimmune diseases in women over the past 30 years. This trend is not only very concerning; there is no simple explanation as to why this is happening in women more than men. Some theories are [...]

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Be Proactive!

The average age for menopause in the United States is 51, according to the Mayo Clinic. But menopause can happen to women throughout their 40's and 50's, too. However, it is possible for perimenopause to start in the late 30s (early or premature menopause) and early 40's. The symptoms of menopause vary from woman to woman. The symptoms range from hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, loss of libido, insomnia, and mood changes. However, some women may experience no symptoms while going through menopause. Menopause is triggered by the lack of estrogen produced by the ovaries. The primary indicator of menopause is [...]

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The Importance of Estrogen

  Estrogen is an essential hormone that maintains the foundation for female vitality and well-being. Estrogen is critical in proper brain function, bone density, and reproduction. Estrogen is also responsible for the stability of many things like heart, brain, bones and metabolism. Too much or not enough estrogen can result in metabolic imbalances and other health issues. One reason that estrogen levels decrease is due to the beginning of menopause or even perimenopause. Many people are surprised to learn that estrogen levels are often affected by burning fat, whether it be excessive working out or by extreme dieting.  Menopause begins with [...]

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Menopause – Facts, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

It's that time in life when women are taught to dread menopause. Menopause often presents itself in stages;  perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. Menopause means that you can no longer reproduce. Your body no longer releases an egg at ovulation, allowing for pregnancy. The effect of menopause is different from woman to woman. Some women feel debilitated by the symptoms of menopause, while others feel that it is merely a minor hindrance. Menopause can occur naturally as the body ages or from an oophorectomy. There is no guaranteed age of menopause; some women begin the process in their thirties, while others won’t [...]

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Annie’s 3rd BHRT Implant

I am well into my bio-identical hormone replacement journey. I just received my third implant. I find that I forget about where I started; it’s easy to forget how bad things were. This is why my journal is so important. It is important to keep your hormones levels at a therapeutic level for your specific symptoms. Hormone therapy does not ‘heal’ low hormones or permanently fix them; it merely addresses an issue. Your symptoms will come back if you don’t go to get your implants. We never stop aging, and hormones will continue to decline. The term ‘replacement’ says it all. [...]

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Annie’s Hormone Therapy Update

Now that it has been 8 weeks since my second implant I went back today to discuss the lab work I had drawn 1 week ago. My symptoms have greatly improved overall. My nurse practitioner explained that several weeks after the second implant is when most symptom relief is noticed. She hit the nail on the head. I did notice changes even after the first implant, but the major shift in balance has been the last 3 weeks. It’s amazing how much I took for granted the simple luxury of a good nights sleep, until I didn’t have it.  My levels [...]

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