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3 Month BHRT Follow Up

It has now been almost 3 months since I began my Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy with pellets. My family and friends have noticed a change in how my temperament is more relaxed, I don’t get agitated so quickly. I no longer have night sweats that soak my sheets or hot flashes in the middle of church service. I do notice that I sleep better but only when I take the nightly dose of progesterone. I have forgotten it a night or two and I noticed rather quickly. I think a lot of the positive mental outlook has been because of the progesterone. I have read that it is considered, ‘nature’s Prozac’ or ‘the happy pill’. Whatever you want to call it, it helps. It helps me get sleepy at night and stay asleep until the morning. I notice that I have more energy to get up and walk the dog, it seemed that before BHRT I didn’t have the energy or interest to do so. Naturally, with more activity I have lost a couple of pounds. Nothing life changing but it beats the contrary. Lastly, my sex drive! I have not had an interest in sex in about 2 years. I noticed over the past week, those little tinges of sex drive return. That has definitely helped my husband and I reconnect; I had no idea how much I had missed that part of my life. Since I had no drive or desire, I just pushed it out of my mind. It is a huge part of marriage in my opinion, we have really enjoyed that part! So overall, the positives are increased energy, motivation, sex drive. Decreased hot flashes, night sweats and irritability.

Aside from the positives, there are always negatives. I did notice that I got bloated, the practitioner told me this could happen. It is a response by my body to the elevated estrogen levels. This is similar to when I had periods and my hormones would change throughout the month, same concept. She said that this may improve some, but it also may always present itself. Also, my implant site, in my upper buttocks area is sore. This is normal as well but bumping into something can sometimes hurt due to it being so tender. This will get better, however, I just start over again with each implant.

This is a small price to pay for the amazing benefits, but I jut want to stay transparent about all of the factors of BHRT, good and bad. Would I do this again or recommend to family member or friends? Without question, this has been a lifesaver. I feel sad for the people that don’t get this help during such a trying time in your health. I just had my lab work this week and am scheduled to follow up next week for my next pellet insertion. I will continue to record my journey as I move forward with more treatment. If this is the only way that I can actively help share my story then I will do what I can, even if it only reaches one person.

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