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Annie’s BHRT Journey Continued

I have had the pellets in place for about 4 weeks now and just went in for a blood test. My levels have increased, and the doctor said that they would continue to do so, this appointment was just to help create a baseline. I have noticed some of my symptoms improve. I am getting less hot at night and that is helping me sleep better, she said that is in part from the Estradiol in the implant. She said that these would soon be alleviated altogether.

I am very excited to see the changes happening even if they are slow. The doctor told me that I needed to be patient since it has taken years for my symptoms to drop, I should not expect them to be back to normal in just a few weeks. She gave me a B12 shot when I went in for my labs, since my level of B12 was still a little low. That shot does give me energy, but I took it around 2pm and I was up cleaning my kitchen cabinets that night, so I would recommend only taking those shots before lunch time. I am not complaining though, I love the energy overall.  I have another appointment in 3 weeks for more labs. It is a process, but one that is worth sticking with for sure. She told me that if I felt a drop in energy I could come back before my next lab draw and get another B12 shot. I asked her if this was a permanent treatment or if it would eventually ‘fix’ my hormone issues. She explained that my body would not start producing hormones on its own ever again, this treatment is supplemental. I don’t have to continue it long term. She said that some people continue this long term and some just to get through the initial drop from menopause. It is my choice. Unfortunately, stopping the treatment will lead back to the original symptoms and I wouldn’t chance that for anything. Misery is the best way to describe the way I felt, but that is just me.

My husband noticed that I am in a better from of mind (something I had not noticed) so it was nice to get feedback from someone other than me. This was confirmation to me that I wasn’t experiencing merely a ‘placebo effect’ and I was legitimately changing for the better. I am doing mad research in the meantime to learn as much as I can about BHRT. I want to know what is going on with my body, which is something I wish I had done long ago. Even though doctors have been trained in their specialty, in my opinion, we can’t just hand them our lives and trust that they always know what is best for us. We must contribute as well, meaning we must give feedback and inquire about our treatments. I have learned that asking questions is ok, some practitioners may feel offended by this, but I have a right to know what he/she chooses for my treatment. The other piece of advice I can offer is that if you have a practitioner that is not easy to talk to or ask questions to, find one that is. It is your body and your life, you only have one shot. You must live it in forever. Stay tuned for the continuation of my journey.  

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