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Healthy Eating on the Go – How to Eat Well on Vacation

Healthy Eating on the Go – How to Eat Well on Vacation

The rules don’t apply on vacation, right? Unfortunately, calories, fat, carbs and sugar still count whether you’re at home or on the beach. It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating poorly when you’re taking a much-needed vacation, but proper planning can help you avoid gaining weight and ruining your diet. If you’re traveling this summer and looking for tips on how to maintain good nutrition on the go, then here are a few ideas for keeping it light while you’re away.

Plan Ahead and Pack Light

Whether you’re driving, flying or cruising to a new locale, stuff your travel bags with nutritious goodies. Having an abundance of healthy snacks at hand will keep you from stopping at a convenience store and loading up on sugary or overly salty treats. Pick foods that pack a nutritious punch: nuts, homemade trail mix or granola, fresh fruits and vegetables, and yogurt or string cheese if you have a cooler handy. On the same note, scope out the local grocery stores where you’ll be staying. Before you check in to the hotel, stop and grab some nutritious snacks and breakfast items that will fit into the mini-fridge. They’ll satisfy your snacking pangs so you can indulge elsewhere.

Eat Local

Choose local, well-reviewed establishments when you go out to eat. Part of the fun of traveling is eating local cuisines, especially if they’re entirely unlike what you normally eat. Explore new dishes that have been prepared by experienced hands. Local restaurants tend to use fresher produce and locally sourced proteins, and you’re more likely to find healthier options if you eat at local places. If you’re staying in a remote area, then stock up on good proteins and produce before you travel so that you can use your cabin’s kitchen or outdoor grill to whip up your own meals.

Fill Up at Breakfast

Eating a balanced breakfast is one of the best ways to maintain your diet. You’re less likely to make poor food decisions if you start the day off with plenty of fiber and protein. If you’re stuck with the hotel hot breakfast buffet, choose oatmeal or whole grain toast over donuts and bagels. Ask if the staff can make you an egg white omelet loaded with vegetables. Better decisions at the start of your day translate into better decisions throughout.

Indulge in Moderation

It’s vacation, so go ahead and splurge. Just make sure to do it in moderation, preferably with your travel companions nearby. Splitting larger orders of decadent foods can help satisfy your curiosity – and your cravings – without taking on too many calories, fat or sugar. Choose the most nutritious versions of the foods you want to try. When that’s not possible, go ahead and live a little. If you satisfy your sweet or salty tooth with local flavors in moderation, you’ll feel better psychologically. Plus, eating well throughout your trip will give you some leeway in splurging when it counts. You can eat well on vacation if you plan ahead and make good decisions.


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