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Annie’s Hormone Therapy Update

Now that it has been 8 weeks since my second implant I went back today to discuss the lab work I had drawn 1 week ago. My symptoms have greatly improved overall. My nurse practitioner explained that several weeks after the second implant is when most symptom relief is noticed. She hit the nail on the head. I did notice changes even after the first implant, but the major shift in balance has been the last 3 weeks. It’s amazing how much I took for granted the simple luxury of a good nights sleep, until I didn’t have it. 

My levels were greatly improved based on my blood work. She gave me a small dose of both Estradiol and Testosterone. She said this should keep me close to where I have felt good. She said that the body breaks down the pellets differently based on metabolism, diet and stress. So there is some variability in this treatment, it won’t ever be exactly consistent. One thing I have learned through my BHRT journey is patience. It’s easy to expect a miracle than to listen to what your practitioner tells you. This is not instant, it took years for your hormones to decline, they will not rebound to perfection overnight. In today’s world of instant gratification, our health is expected to be no different. That just is not realistic, this is a process and nobody is the exception to the rule. 

A few things to keep in mind to help your BHRT journey be the best it can be; Keep your appointments, keep a journal of your symptoms and improvements (you WILL forget) and communicate with your practitioner. Even if you think that something is unimportant, take note of it and mention it at your appointment. If something seems amiss, call your practitioner. You are their patient, you have a right to ask questions. The more that everybody is on the same page, the better they can treat you and faster you will feel better. Take advantage of education, if your practitioner recommends that you read their literature, then read it. I understand that for the most part we leave the treatment in the hands of our doctors. However, being educated and understanding what is happening is important too. I don’t mean this for the purpose of questioning your treatment or being disrespectful. Simply put, it is your body and you need to have a basic understanding on what is happening and what the plan is for your health. 

So my journey continues onward, my next appointment is in 8 weeks. I will continue my journal and blog. I am excited about having my life back, this is, without a doubt, the best decision I have ever made for myself!

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