Stem cell therapy is useful in the treatment of many conditions including: Erectile Dysfunction; Osteoarthritis (knee/shoulder/hip); Rheumatoid Arthritis; COPD; Multiple Sclerosis; Diabetes; and many other autoimmune and degenerative conditions

A common misconception is that stem cells are only found in embryos and newborns, when in fact, stem cells are found in people of ALL ages. To put it simply, they act as the repairman within your own body when injury occurs.

Stem cells are capable of travelling to injured areas of the body via the bloodstream in order to repair tissue, cartilage, tendon and even bone.The stem cells we use are found in the circulating blood, the bone marrow, and in abundance within fat cells! 

Stem cell therapy, especially when used in conjunction with platelet rich plasma (PRP), is especially useful for injured areas with a poor blood supply – known as areas of hypoxia (low oxygen content). Areas of hypoxia include the joints, meniscus tissue (knee), rotator cuffs (shoulder), and tendons.

We apply your own stem cells and platelet rich plasma directly to these areas via injection so that your body uses its own repair materials to fix itself quicker and more completely than it could on its own.

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