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Hormone Therapy?

Hormone Therapy


Hormone replacement might make you think of over-sized athletes and sweaty team jerseys. The stigma of hormone therapy or rather, hormone abuse, tends to often circle back to testosterone. Much of what we hear about in the media are the highly exaggerated extreme cases; we all know this, but we still listen as if it were the gospel truth. The bottom line is that the answer to so many deadly ailments do not lie in the drugs that treat the condition, but rather in educating people to prevent the ailment altogether. Unfortunately, this is not information that the public hears about leading the people to believe that pills are the only answers to our health concerns. Pharmaceutical companies would prefer us not to know the preventative measures because then it could greatly reduce future revenue for their company. We have to understand collectively that a lot of persuasion that influences the public every day is not necessarily in the best interest of our health, but for making large companies even wealthier. There is secure cash flow in debilitating diseases and fear, but not in health. Of course, that is another topic on its own, but sending the message to people about how to stay healthy is luckily still the goal of many practitioners, so do not lose faith just yet. We have to become educated about our bodies and learn to listen to them. When you have a cramp or joint pain, your body is talking to you. When you put your hand near something that is very hot and will cause injury your body responds and tells you to move away from this source. The same thing applies when you have a hot flash or night swHappy Couple hiking in the woods, autumn season.eats, this is your body communicating to you. Learn to listen, ask questions, look it up and seek the answers. Become educated.

FDA Warnings

The warnings that go along with the pharmaceutical commercials are the same type of warnings that the FDA has put on hormone replacement therapy. These are grey veils of risks, side effects and warnings. The difference in how these warnings are perceived by the public lies in the representation of these warnings. Each year, the pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars in advertising to distract consumers from these insanely fast verbal warnings, like cute puppies or children blowing bubbles. With enough money mass media can divert attention and manipulate mindsets as we all know.

Why Me?

Changes to our bodies begin when we are born; we start aging with our first breath. These changes become more noticeable in our early 30’s and progress from there, typically by becoming more symptomatic over time. Some argue that we age because our hormone levels decrease, others argue that our hormone level decrease because we age. It really does not matter; the fact remains that it is inevitable so it is important to learn how to live better despite it.

Side Effects

There are side effects of reintroducing hormones into a body that has been lacking in them. With proper monitoring, these side effects can be minor. This is why repeated trips for blood tests are important, there needs to be regular monitoring to avoid “spikes” and “valleys”. The goal is to regain a strong level that achieves relief of your symptoms.


Bio-identical hormone replacement has drastically improved the quality of life in thousands of people. Scheduling a free consultation with Hormone Health to become informed of your options is the best place to start. The fact is that if you do nothing, nothing is exactly what will happen.

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