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Building Stronger Bones as You Age


Building Stronger Bones as You Age   Starting at age 50, men and women start to lose bone density at a rate of around 0.5 percent each year. For women, the loss is more noticeable since women tend to have thinner and smaller bones than men. Despite what you might think, however, osteoporosis, which is a condition marked by brittle and fragile bones, isn't a natural part of the aging process. In other words, it's preventable. A proactive approach to bone health can keep you healthy into middle age and beyond. Getting the Right Nutrients It's not just marketing hype: Milk [...]

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Do You Really Need Vitamin Supplements?


Dozens of vitamin supplement bottles line your local pharmacy's shelves, and as you stand in front of them, overwhelmed by the options, you start to wonder if you need any of them at all. In fact, many people don't need supplemental vitamins and minerals because a rounded diet offers sufficient nutritional benefits. Your body gets what it needs from the foods you eat as long as you're eating what you should. However, you may need supplements if you don't eat certain types of food or you have a medical condition that demands extra vitamins, such as pregnancy. Start the Conversation Before [...]

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