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Why You Need Preventive Care


  Why You Need Preventive Care   Do you know what kind of preventive screenings you need as an adult? If you're a parent, then you probably know all about your child's next trip to the doctor, where he'll get his next round of shots and learn about screenings necessary for his age. Unfortunately, adults don't always take as much care with their own health. Preventive care is essential to establishing a baseline and helping you to avoid long-term medical problems. Under the current Affordable Care Act, preventive care is covered at no added cost in every major medical plan, so [...]

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Not Just for Kids: Adults Need Vaccines, Too


If you're a parent, then you know that your kids need routine vaccines throughout their childhood to protect against specific diseases and illnesses. Did you know that adults need vaccines, too? Aside from an annual flu shot, adults need a series of vaccines as they age to ward off viruses, diseases and deadly illnesses. Not only will you need boosters for immunizations you received as a child, but you'll also need new shots for new and different threats. Protection as You Age Research is clear: Vaccines save lives. There has been no medical link between vaccinations and autism in children, and [...]

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Do You Really Need Vitamin Supplements?


Dozens of vitamin supplement bottles line your local pharmacy's shelves, and as you stand in front of them, overwhelmed by the options, you start to wonder if you need any of them at all. In fact, many people don't need supplemental vitamins and minerals because a rounded diet offers sufficient nutritional benefits. Your body gets what it needs from the foods you eat as long as you're eating what you should. However, you may need supplements if you don't eat certain types of food or you have a medical condition that demands extra vitamins, such as pregnancy. Start the Conversation Before [...]

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Do You Need a Flu Shot? CDC Says Yes


Flu season in the U.S. typically runs throughout winter, but the epidemic season can start as early as October and last all the way through May, peaking from December to March. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC recommends that everyone ages six months or older get a flu shot each year, usually by October if possible. However, it's not too late to get a flu shot if you haven't already. Influenza might peak at a certain time each year, but sickness doesn't respect the calendar. You can get flu during spring and summer, and the best way to [...]

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Enjoy a Healthier, Happier Smile


If you suffer from dry mouth, sensitive teeth and other dental problems, then you may attribute these conditions to aging, and you may be right. Adults over the age of 65 are more likely to experience a wide range of dental issues, from sensitivity to cavities. This is partly due to fluctuating hormones, partly from concurrent medical problems, like diabetes or heart disease, and partly from increased medications. Your teeth are not a renewable resource, but there are ways to protect them as you age so that you can enjoy a healthier, happier smile for years to come.   Routine Preventive [...]

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The Benefits of Regular Exercise


You know that exercise plays a critical role in healthy weight loss, but if you're like many Americans, you may not be getting what you need to stay fit. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that most healthy adults get 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. Ideally, you'll get a combination of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity and strength training. Maintaining an active lifestyle will help you age more gracefully, lowering the risk of certain medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Regular Activity If 75 to 150 minutes [...]

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