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The Dangerous Side Effects of Too Much Sugar


With so many conflicting advice about sugar, you might wonder about the truth behind your favorite sweet snacks. Is sugar really bad for you? If so, how bad is it? As with most elements of the modern diet, sugar consumed in moderation poses little threat to an otherwise healthy, active person. The occasional piece of birthday cake or celebratory cocktail won't cause significant long-term damage. However, consistent consumption of added sugars, which are found in everything from store-bought bread to low-fat yogurt, can seriously affect your health. All Sugars Look Alike Despite the prevailing myth that natural added sweetener is better [...]

The Dangerous Side Effects of Too Much Sugar2020-05-18T13:04:27-05:00

Do You Really Need Vitamin Supplements?


Dozens of vitamin supplement bottles line your local pharmacy's shelves, and as you stand in front of them, overwhelmed by the options, you start to wonder if you need any of them at all. In fact, many people don't need supplemental vitamins and minerals because a rounded diet offers sufficient nutritional benefits. Your body gets what it needs from the foods you eat as long as you're eating what you should. However, you may need supplements if you don't eat certain types of food or you have a medical condition that demands extra vitamins, such as pregnancy. Start the Conversation Before [...]

Do You Really Need Vitamin Supplements?2020-05-01T12:33:40-05:00

Do You Need a Flu Shot? CDC Says Yes


Flu season in the U.S. typically runs throughout winter, but the epidemic season can start as early as October and last all the way through May, peaking from December to March. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC recommends that everyone ages six months or older get a flu shot each year, usually by October if possible. However, it's not too late to get a flu shot if you haven't already. Influenza might peak at a certain time each year, but sickness doesn't respect the calendar. You can get flu during spring and summer, and the best way to [...]

Do You Need a Flu Shot? CDC Says Yes2020-05-01T12:27:23-05:00

Allergies, Cold or Flu: How to Tell the Difference


If you've been fighting a runny nose, sore throat and general discomfort for the last few days, you may be tempted to pass it off as just a cold. While the common cold is aptly named, it's not the only reason you might be suffering. Early spring offers a perfect storm of conditions that make colds, allergies and even flu a possibility. How can you tell the difference between these similar medical problems? Here are a few of the biggest tells when it comes to deciphering your symptoms. Seasonal Allergies During spring, millions of people worldwide suffer from allergic rhinitis, more [...]

Allergies, Cold or Flu: How to Tell the Difference2020-05-18T13:13:47-05:00

Enjoy a Healthier, Happier Smile


If you suffer from dry mouth, sensitive teeth and other dental problems, then you may attribute these conditions to aging, and you may be right. Adults over the age of 65 are more likely to experience a wide range of dental issues, from sensitivity to cavities. This is partly due to fluctuating hormones, partly from concurrent medical problems, like diabetes or heart disease, and partly from increased medications. Your teeth are not a renewable resource, but there are ways to protect them as you age so that you can enjoy a healthier, happier smile for years to come.   Routine Preventive [...]

Enjoy a Healthier, Happier Smile2020-05-18T13:12:52-05:00

The Benefits of Regular Exercise


You know that exercise plays a critical role in healthy weight loss, but if you're like many Americans, you may not be getting what you need to stay fit. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that most healthy adults get 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. Ideally, you'll get a combination of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity and strength training. Maintaining an active lifestyle will help you age more gracefully, lowering the risk of certain medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Regular Activity If 75 to 150 minutes [...]

The Benefits of Regular Exercise2020-05-01T12:11:46-05:00

Andropause: A Man’s Transition Period


Men and women age differently, but age-related hormone fluctuations affect men and women in similar ways. Did you know that men can go through a type of menopause? Labeled "andropause" because it is not as defined as female menopause, male menopause affects a small portion of the aging male population. Andropause shares similar features with menopause, but it is not as severe as what some women experience once their reproductive years end. What is andropause? Testosterone is a type of androgen, which is where the name "andropause" comes from. Known mainly as a sex hormone, testosterone also affects the tenor of [...]

Andropause: A Man’s Transition Period2020-05-01T12:03:59-05:00

10 Foods to Help You Destress


If you're stressed, then the best way to boost your mood and relax your mind is to engage in a calming physical activity. Unfortunately, your schedule may not allow it. How can you de-stress when you're short on time? Food is the answer. Eating the right kind of food can actually help you calm down, think more clearly and eliminate stress from your life. Let's take a look at 10 of the best stress-busting foods. #1 – Tea Tea drinkers, rejoice. Studies have found that people who drink black or green tea are more likely to destress than coffee-drinking peers even [...]

10 Foods to Help You Destress2020-05-18T13:12:23-05:00

5 Ways to Promote Better Brain Health


#1 – Get Active Your body works as one coordinating unit, which means you need to get active to stay sharp physically and mentally. As you exercise, blood flows more freely to the hippocampus, a critical portion of your brain that affects memory. Routine physical activity can also help you fight depression, handle stress, learn new things and make better decisions. These are all critical tools for improving your cognitive health. Choose a simple activity that you enjoy, and aim for 30 minutes to an hour of physical activity every day. #2 – Engage Both Spheres The brain comprises two spheres, [...]

5 Ways to Promote Better Brain Health2020-04-29T15:18:04-05:00

5 Common Problems with Peri-menopause


5 Common Problems with Peri-menopause   Menopause starts for most women during middle age, but symptoms of age-related hormone changes can start well before the official end of your reproductive years. If you're in your 30's or 40's and already experiencing unusual symptoms, then you may be dealing with peri-menopause. Plenty of changes take place as women age, from graying hair to looser skin, but peri-menopause can be one of the more unpleasant side effects of getting older. Here are five common problems related to peri-menopause and how to combat them. #1 – Irregular Menstrual Cycles The medical definition of menopause [...]

5 Common Problems with Peri-menopause2020-04-29T15:10:27-05:00