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Not Just for Kids: Adults Need Vaccines, Too


If you're a parent, then you know that your kids need routine vaccines throughout their childhood to protect against specific diseases and illnesses. Did you know that adults need vaccines, too? Aside from an annual flu shot, adults need a series of vaccines as they age to ward off viruses, diseases and deadly illnesses. Not only will you need boosters for immunizations you received as a child, but you'll also need new shots for new and different threats. Protection as You Age Research is clear: Vaccines save lives. There has been no medical link between vaccinations and autism in children, and [...]

Not Just for Kids: Adults Need Vaccines, Too2020-05-01T13:40:39-05:00

Low-impact Activities for High-impact Calorie Burn


When it comes to physical fitness, your mind may be willing, but your body can protest to the point of holding you back. From weak knees to aching joints, aging bodies keep millions of people stuck in a rut. Instead of letting your sore joints and muscles stand in your way, let them lead the workout. Low-impact activities can be just as beneficial as all-out cardio burns with the added benefit of not destroying your body. Here are tips for getting a great workout while taking it easy on your joints. Try a New Routine Walking is commonly recommended among low-impact [...]

Low-impact Activities for High-impact Calorie Burn2020-05-01T13:35:46-05:00

How Much Caffeine Should You Have?


Your daily jolt of java keeps you functioning as you work, drop the kids off at school and hit the gym. Unfortunately, there's a limit to how much caffeine you should consume each day, and exceeding that limit can negatively impact your health. Caffeine is found naturally in tea, coffee and chocolate, but it's also an added ingredient in sodas and energy drinks. The more you consume, the higher your chances are of developing problems. How much caffeine should you have each day? The answer depends on you. Healthy Daily Dose Caffeine energizes most people, it's safe in moderation and it [...]

How Much Caffeine Should You Have?2020-05-01T13:31:05-05:00

Got a Bug Bite? When to See a Doctor


As the weather heats up for spring and summer, you'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, April showers also bring showers of bugs. From spiders to mosquitoes, these tiny critters can ruin a good picnic and derail your plans for adventure if you let them. You may be tempted to ignore the occasional bite or sting, but there are reasons to get your insect bite checked out by a doctor. How can you tell what warrants a doctor's visit? Here are few tips for keeping that sting in check. Proactive Measures In the U.S., common insects and [...]

Got a Bug Bite? When to See a Doctor2020-05-01T13:26:53-05:00

Drink in Moderation: How and Why to Limit Alcohol Consumption


When you go in for a routine physical, your doctor might ask about your social habits, including smoking and drinking. Throwing back a few beers with your friends on the weekend might not sound like a big deal, but a regular pattern of moderate to heavy drinking can negatively impact your overall health, especially if you have specific medical conditions. Unless you have a history of certain diseases or alcoholism, there's no reason to abstain from alcohol altogether. However, there are ways to mitigate your risks while drinking. What Is Low-risk Drinking? Most people engage in "low-risk" drinking. The National Institute [...]

Drink in Moderation: How and Why to Limit Alcohol Consumption2020-05-01T13:14:01-05:00

Annual Checkup? The Doctor is Out


If you're like many adults, then you probably schedule a yearly checkup with your doctor. These visits might include a brief physical exam and an interview about how you're doing, mentally and physically. In the past, medical professionals fully supported the idea of annual wellness visits because they typically helped doctors identify problems early. However, opinion on the benefits of annual checkups has shifted toward a less aggressive approach, especially for otherwise healthy individuals. Do you still need to schedule an annual visit with your doctor? The American Medical Association suggests that many people don't. Different Criteria First, it's important to [...]

Annual Checkup? The Doctor is Out2020-05-01T13:05:40-05:00

7 Natural Remedies for Soothing an Upset Stomach


Whether you've been battling pregnancy-induced morning sickness or a bad stomach flu, nausea can derail your day in an instant. It's difficult enough to deal with a persistent queasiness without worrying over how to treat it. Some conditions require only time to heal the wounds, but nausea can be treated naturally with things you've probably got in your kitchen already. Here are seven natural remedies for settling your upset stomach. 1 – Clear Fluids If you have diarrhea or you've been vomiting, or both, then it's vital to replenish your fluids. Staying hydrated will help you heal faster, and you won't [...]

7 Natural Remedies for Soothing an Upset Stomach2020-05-01T13:04:43-05:00

5 Common Misconceptions about Stress


Stress has become such a dominant part of everyday life that most people assume it's just a natural condition. From busy work lives to hectic family schedules, we deal with stressful situations so regularly that it's become commonplace. Did you know that stress doesn't have to interfere with your life? There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to stress. Here are five of the most common. Myth: Stress affects everyone the same way. Stress manifests in physical and psychological ways, but not everyone experiences the same reaction to stress. For some, stress causes only mental symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating [...]

5 Common Misconceptions about Stress2020-05-01T12:56:34-05:00

4 Unique Ways to Relax


For many people today, the always-on approach to life can be physically and emotionally taxing. Whether it's a high-stress job in the corporate world or being a stay-at-home parent to an active toddler, stress can create a barrier to truly enjoying life. It can also affect your health. You're more likely to overeat, gain weight, feel depressed and even develop other medical problems if you're constantly stressed. Fortunately, there are simple ways to chill. Taking time out for yourself will improve your mind, body and soul. Here are four unique ways to relax. #1 – Make a List If you're feeling [...]

4 Unique Ways to Relax2020-05-01T12:53:46-05:00

4 Simple Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy


When you're pregnant, the list of dos and don'ts can feel like a mile long, and while most of the advice you receive is meant to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy, it might feel overwhelming. Rest assured that you can enjoy a healthier, less stressful pregnancy by taking care of your mind and body. Here are four simple ways to enhance your nine-month journey. #1 – Choose nutrient-dense foods. It might seem like your doctor has barred you from eating all your favorite foods, like sushi or your evening cocktail, but the list of what pregnant women should avoid is [...]

4 Simple Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy2020-05-01T12:50:04-05:00