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Hormone Therapy?


Hormone Therapy   Hormone replacement might make you think of over-sized athletes and sweaty team jerseys. The stigma of hormone therapy or rather, hormone abuse, tends to often circle back to testosterone. Much of what we hear about in the media are the highly exaggerated extreme cases; we all know this, but we still listen as if it were the gospel truth. The bottom line is that the answer to so many deadly ailments do not lie in the drugs that treat the condition, but rather in educating people to prevent the ailment altogether. Unfortunately, this is not information that the [...]

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BHRT for women-The Basics


One thing is inevitable, we are all aging. We all age at the exact same pace, and there is no stopping it. As a woman continues to age, she will likely start having symptoms of hormonal imbalances indicative of menopause. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are the reproductive hormones that when imbalanced can cause a plethora of symptoms. A hormonal imbalance is ultimately when your hormones are not where they should be, meaning your body could be producing not enough of a hormone or even too much of one. These imbalances can cause someone to notice fatigue, loss of libido, night sweats, [...]

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4 Health Benefits of Pet Ownership


Health Benefits of Pet Ownership   If you have a furry family member – or one with scales or feathers – then you might already suspect that your four-legged charge offers a bevy of emotional benefits. Research backs up your hunch. In fact, there are a wide number of benefits to keeping a family pet from both a physical and emotional standpoint. Whether you have a pet right now or you're looking to bring home a new addition, here are four good reasons to visit your local shelter and adopt a pet today. #1 – Fewer Runny Noses You might have [...]

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Drink to Your Health: Better Beverage Alternatives to Soda


Beverage Alternatives to Soda   Sunny days might make you reach for a frosty soda, but before you grab another soft drink from the cooler, think about the nutritional impact of your favorite sugary beverage. Sodas are packed with sugar, and while your body needs some amount of sugar for energy, a single can of regular cola contains nearly an entire day's worth of the recommended daily allotment. Instead of sipping on soft drinks to quench your thirst, try these healthier alternatives while you lounge at the pool this summer. Natural Teas Unsweetened iced teas, both black and green varieties, can [...]

Drink to Your Health: Better Beverage Alternatives to Soda2020-04-27T13:41:07-05:00

Building Stronger Bones as You Age


Building Stronger Bones as You Age   Starting at age 50, men and women start to lose bone density at a rate of around 0.5 percent each year. For women, the loss is more noticeable since women tend to have thinner and smaller bones than men. Despite what you might think, however, osteoporosis, which is a condition marked by brittle and fragile bones, isn't a natural part of the aging process. In other words, it's preventable. A proactive approach to bone health can keep you healthy into middle age and beyond. Getting the Right Nutrients It's not just marketing hype: Milk [...]

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Hold that Hot Dog: 6 Tips for a Healthy Cookout


Hold that Hot Dog: 6 Tips for a Healthy Cookout Processed red meat and salty, greasy side dishes dominate the cookout landscape. From burgers to hot dogs and all the heavy sides that go with them, eating well during the summer can seem like a challenge. Rest assured that you can still host your annual barbecue without serving up a platter of danger foods. Before you fire up the grill for the summer holidays, check out these six tips for transforming your fatty feast into something deliciously nutritious. #1 – Swap Out Your Proteins Ditch your regular hot dogs in favor [...]

Hold that Hot Dog: 6 Tips for a Healthy Cookout2020-05-18T13:14:36-05:00

Healthy Eating on the Go – How to Eat Well on Vacation


Healthy Eating on the Go – How to Eat Well on Vacation The rules don't apply on vacation, right? Unfortunately, calories, fat, carbs and sugar still count whether you're at home or on the beach. It's easy to fall into the trap of eating poorly when you're taking a much-needed vacation, but proper planning can help you avoid gaining weight and ruining your diet. If you're traveling this summer and looking for tips on how to maintain good nutrition on the go, then here are a few ideas for keeping it light while you're away. Plan Ahead and Pack Light Whether [...]

Healthy Eating on the Go – How to Eat Well on Vacation2020-04-27T13:55:56-05:00

4 Great Benefits of Getting Out in the Sun


4 Great Benefits of Getting Out in the Sun For decades, medical advice has been fairly set in stone when it comes to the sun: Stay inside, and lather up with sunscreen if you're going out. But recent research suggests that getting more sun, not less, could have positive benefits on more than just your skin tone. As it turns out, there are a host of benefits to getting out in the sun as long as you're mindful about how long you stay unprotected with sunscreen and clothing. Here are four great benefits to upping your sun exposure. #1 – Increased [...]

4 Great Benefits of Getting Out in the Sun2020-04-27T14:04:38-05:00

Why You Need Preventive Care


  Why You Need Preventive Care   Do you know what kind of preventive screenings you need as an adult? If you're a parent, then you probably know all about your child's next trip to the doctor, where he'll get his next round of shots and learn about screenings necessary for his age. Unfortunately, adults don't always take as much care with their own health. Preventive care is essential to establishing a baseline and helping you to avoid long-term medical problems. Under the current Affordable Care Act, preventive care is covered at no added cost in every major medical plan, so [...]

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Pro Probiotics: Could Bacteria Improve Your Health?


  Could Bacteria Improve Your Health?   With so many health tends out there, it can be tough to separate fact from fiction. One of the latest nutrition crazes sweeping the industry is probiotics. You might have heard high praise for probiotics, which are live bacteria and yeasts designed to clean up your gut, but does the product live up to the hype? In short, yes, probiotics can alleviate pain and discomfort for a variety of problems. How much you should consume and which type depend on your personal needs. What is a probiotic? The word "probiotic" literally means "for life." [...]

Pro Probiotics: Could Bacteria Improve Your Health?2020-04-27T14:10:03-05:00